Youngsters show off moves at Grom-O-Rama

The second annual Grom-O-Rama took place on Aug. 22 at Fletcher Cove beach.

The Solana Beach Lifeguard Association hosted the surf competition, where grommets as old as 17 could participate.

The 8-year-old division was added this year, allowing youngsters to compete with a parent’s help.

The event was a precursor to the Beach Blanket Movie Night, which took place later that evening at Fletcher Cove Park.

Here are the top three competitors in each group:

Open 8-year-old and under boys and girls

  1. Levi Slawson
  2. Koby Hughes
  3. Jake Rubio

Girls 9-13

  1. Kiernan Panish
  2. Allison Aguirrie
  3. Zoe Lawson

Girls 14-17

  1. Shelli Swindell
  2. Larissa Lambrou
  3. Karly Kenyon

Boys 9-11

  1. Nikko Traubman
  2. Toby Moore
  3. Griffin Johnson

Boys 12-13

  1. Brendan Donovan
  2. Blake Dresner
  3. Cory Mills

Boys 14-17

  1. Colin Richardson
  2. Alec Webster
  3. Mason Lovy