Your View: Letters to the Editor

DMUSD: Be decisive

Please close one school and mothball a second. Cut teacher’s assistant’s salaries if you need to put Del Mar Union School District on a surplus budget in these times. I’ve seen no suggestion from T.A. to share the burden. Break agreements if you need to to accomplish survival and future renewed growth of this fine district. To delay and hedge sends the wrong message to our students. Be decisive and quick to act. If you need me to make the unpopular decisions to achieve fiscal stability, I am glad to assist. Please work to hire back first those fine people that are temporarily caught in the crossfire.


James Danforth

San Diego

A piece of Eden

In our neighborhood on Highland Drive, up above Flower Hill, we have a lovely piece of Eden tucked away on Avocado Drive. It’s called “Feather Acres,” and besides having almost any plant or flower one would need, they have horses, pony rides for kids on Saturdays, goats, chickens of different varieties and a turkey. There’s even a resident cat.

I take my Chihuahua there almost every day when we go walking and it occurred to me that it would be a great place for school field trips, or family outings. There’s a lovely green yard for picnics, and trails through the property.

I hope I’ve done it justice. I’m sure there are many newcomers and maybe some old timers even, who don’t know about this nice spot we are lucky enough to have, right here nearby.

Helen M. Wallace

Del Mar

Support for Roberts

Hurrah! Hurrah! Solana Beach Councilman and national health policy leader Dave Roberts has officially announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District.

The essence of democracy is CHOICE, and voters now have a choice in this election cycle to select the person we believe is the best qualified candidate to work across political aisles to deliver common sense solutions.

Dave Roberts is the only candidate who can beat Brian Bilbray and address the serious economic challenges facing our district and also end the partisan political games.

Dave is a proven leader with experience and a resume, which is impeccable and stretches over three decades. We need him now more than ever to represent us in Washington.

Mary Jane Boyd

Solana Beach

Last week, Dave Roberts officially announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District. Democratic voters are fortunate to have an excellent new choice to elect a candidate to represent us.

Dave Roberts is the only candidate who can effectively challenge Bilbray. I know Dave to be a hard working and dedicated leader. He lives in Solana Beach and has given so much to this community and San Diego County. Brian Bilbray doesn’t even live in the 50th District and doesn’t seem to care about those of us who do live here.

Councilman Roberts’ local and national experience will be invaluable as our new congressman. We need to elect him to represent us.

Paula M. Marincic

Solana Beach