Three Solana Beach homes burglarized in November

Although the city of Solana Beach recently advised residents about an increase in residential burglaries, San Diego County Sheriff’s officials said such crime has not increased in the community.

In a Dec. 3 community advisory, the city reported that Solana Beach “has been experiencing an increase in residential burglaries and property theft over the past several weeks.” Although three burglaries occurred in November, Sgt. Richard Eaton of the North Coastal Station said the number of incidents isn’t out of the ordinary.

Looking at data dating back to June, Eaton said that three residential burglaries, on average, are reported every month.

“I can’t substantiate (an increase) with any crime stats,” Eaton said. “Solana Beach is averaging about three residential burglaries a month. There is no uptick.”

Three residential burglaries were reported in November.

The first burglary occurred at a house that was under construction, where a television was reportedly stolen among other items. A second burglary occurred at an open house, where an Apple computer was reportedly stolen. A third house was burglarized on Thanksgiving when the homeowners were out of town. Jewelry was reportedly stolen.

People warned their neighbors about the incidents on Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhoods. Police are currently investigating all three incidents, which they believe are unrelated.

“We’re on it,” Eaton said.

Many past residential burglaries and other property thefts have been “crimes of opportunity,” Eaton said.

Officials reminded residents to take necessary precautions and be aware of their surroundings, which includes locking doors and windows of homes and vehicles, closing garages, and locking and securing bicycles at all times, even when placed on top of vehicles in secured garages. Because it’s the holiday season, people are also encouraged to have package deliveries placed in secured or visually-shielded areas.

“These criminals just check door handles,” Eaton said. “They’ll walk down the neighborhood and check door handles, and the one that pops is the one they go in.”