Solana Beach officially joins Live Well San Diego initiative

Solana Beach has long worked to advance the community but the city only recently became an official partner in San Diego County’s ongoing initiative to improve the health, safety and well being of residents.

In a unanimous vote, the City Council on Nov. 18 approved a resolution in support of Live Well San Diego, a 10-year comprehensive plan the County Board of Supervisors adopted in 2010 to advance the health, safety and well being of the region’s more than 3 million residents.

The county has encouraged cities to adopt Live Well San Diego to expand the initiative and ultimately lead to an enhanced quality of life throughout the region. Businesses, organizations and school districts — including the Solana Beach School District — have also partnered with the county on the initiative.

Chuck Matthews, deputy director of the county’s Health and Human Services Agency, acknowledged Solana Beach’s commitment to bettering the community, from being the first city in the county to ban smoking on public beaches to being the first to ban single-use plastic bags from grocery stores, restaurants and retailers. An official partnership, however, would make a greater impact, he said.

“You guys are on the cutting edge of this. This council, this community has been doing this work for years,” Matthews said. “But to have this framework, pull it all together to share those best practices, to share that expertise and to connect those dots would mean so much for the county and for this community. Only then are we going to be able to really to affect the quality of life and the well being of the county residents and this community, too.”

In recognition of the city’s commitment to the initiative, Matthews said county representatives would return to the council to present a proclamation.