Juveniles receive probation, community service for Solana Vista vandalism

(File photo)

The San Diego Juvenile Court System has ordered restitution, community service hours and probation for a group of five juveniles who were involved in vandalizing Solana Vista School last summer.

On June 27, 2019, five youth vandalized and spray painted graffitti, anti-Semitic images, racial slurs and images of male genitalia on and around the Solana Vista School field. In addition, these same individuals were responsible for breaking into and vandalizing the Solana Beach Little League snack shack and equipment shed.

Upon being notified of the incident, the Solana Beach School District immediately collaborated with the San Dieguito Union High School District and Solana Beach Little League to assist in the San Diego Sheriff’s investigation.

Through these efforts, five youth, none of which are current Solana Beach School District students, were positively identified and law enforcement officials forwarded a report to the district attorney.

The Solana Beach School District expressed its gratitude to the Sheriff’s Encinitas Substation, the San Dieguito district, little league and the court for their efforts to identify those individuals involved and supporting the district’s desire to formally address the seriousness of their actions.

“The district is pleased that all individuals are being held responsible for their actions in these disturbing crimes,” said Solana Beach School District Superintendent Jodee Brentlinger. “We strongly believe that incidents such as these cannot be tolerated and consequences must be enforced. We will always partner with local law enforcement and our community to send the message that behaviors like these will be reported and investigated, and they will result in serious consequences.”

-Karen Billing