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  • Dr. Erika Kao

    Dr. Erika Kao is a licensed psychologist since 2001 with experience providing psychotherapy and assessment to individual, couples, adults and teens.

  • Heidi Bartolotta

    Heidi Bartolotta worked as pharmaceutical sales representative for 12 years. But after having her two daughters, she no longer wanted to work late and travel; she wanted to be home.

    So, Bartolotta quit her job and founded Moms Making Six Figures with two other women in December 2009 in San Diego to allow women to stay at home and either replace or supplement their incomes.

  • Angie Gange

    Angie Gange studied business administration at the University of Southern California, graduating with a degree emphasis in Entrepreneurial studies. She grew up in a household of entrepreneurs and has been surrounded by great thinkers and many successful professionals ever since.

    Her passion is to help others operate their own business and attain financial security. Angie has traveled the U.S. as well as Europe - training others on business management principles and customer service skills and systems. She lives in San Diego and is the mother of three grown sons: Charlie, Christian and Scotty.

  • Krista C

    Krista C has lived with her family in Del Mar for over 10 years. She received her MBA from San Diego State University. As the owner of Massage Concepts in Del Mar Highlands Town Center, Krista does not believe in selling memberships to customers as a way of locking in return business. Instead she relies on stellar customer service and competitive pricing to make people want to come back.

  • Del Mar Pines School

    Marci McCord, Director at Del Mar Pines School takes a deep dive into the importance of sixth grade in a child’s education and social development. She outlines the benefits private schooling can offer to a child not only through academics, but also in art, music, physical education and emotional guidance.

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  • Paul Benton

    Paul Benton

  • Jim Alcorn