How my life became my own


Ten years ago, success surrounded me.

My career as a pharmaceutical sales rep was thriving. I worked with a motivated group of people. I managed my work and family life as a working mom, and I felt good about my choices.

But then I gave birth to my second daughter, Rebecca. Suddenly my work-life balance felt off.

Work no longer seemed like the perfect fit. I worked too many hours. My job was too stressful. I looked around at my co-workers and realized they were living a life that I did not want for myself or my family.

Simply stated, my life was not moving in the direction that I wanted it to go.

In my heart I believed there were other women just like me who were searching for a way to weave together their role as wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend while also contributing financially to the family income.

This realization was a turning point for me – and it was the start of Moms Making Six Figures.

After taking a life inventory and considering different careers paths, I decided to start my own business. The caveat was that my business would have to allow me to set my own schedule and offer flexibility.

I chose to work with a consumer goods company, which markets products I wanted to sell. Coming to that conclusion was quick and easy; I used these products myself and in my family home.

Once the decision was made, I quit my job and developed a plan to bring together a group of women with like-minds and a similar vision. This team would support each other and share their acumen and knowledge. These women would be committed to working with other ambitious, smart women who were grounded in family.

The Moms Making Six Figures business model took off.

People often ask me, what lead to the team’s tremendous success?

First, we work with a mission-driven, debt-free company that invests in its people, products and the future. The products themselves are superior and truly do “sell themselves”.

Second, the Moms Making Six Figures team is incredibly talented and driven. Throughout the company we are known for our incredible training skills. Our goal is to educate. We educate ourselves so we can educate others about our products. A founding principle of this team is mentorship.

Lastly, we spend considerable time getting to know anyone who is thinking about joining our team. Each month we receive hundreds of inquiries from women interested in our business. We closely assess potential team members to ensure the partnership is the right fit.

I have learned so much as I have walked this journey. Both myself and my family have benefitted from my decision to leave my job and strike out on my own. Life of a working mom doesn’t get much better.

Moms Making Six Figures supports women as they start and develop their own business while maintaining flexibility. For more information visit