Be so S-H-I-F-T they can’t ignore you

Be so S-H-I-F-T they can’t ignore you
Be so S-H-I-F-T they can’t ignore you<br>

The quote “Be so good they can’t ignore you” always has inspired me.

As I emerged as a leader with Moms Making Six Figures, I embraced this concept and success followed. That success occurred partly because I had shifted my perspective – and the shift gave me an edge.

So, my inspiring quote evolved into “Be so S-H-I-F-T that they can’t ignore you”. The letters in S-H-I-F-T represent what I believe to be the top five elements needed for success.

S: Start now!

When I was interested in starting my business with Moms Making Six Figures, my first step was to complete my due diligence. I worked through this phase quickly. Within a month I launched my business. That was February of 2011.

One mistake I see others make repeatedly is overthinking and overanalyzing a potential opportunity. I know too many people who procrastinate and make little or no progress with their careers or their lives.

Stop delaying and start taking control of your future right now.

H: Honor your commitments…and Have fun

Always keep your word. If you say that you are going to call someone or meet a deadline, then make sure you follow through.

For me, one of my commitments was to my family. I promised myself and them that I would be an “available” mom. Sure, I am a working mom, but I am available for my family members when they need me.

That said, the second part of “H” represents “Have fun”. If you are not having fun at work and are stressed out and unhappy, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Before starting my Moms Making Six Figures business having fun was not a priority for me in my career. Now I encourage fun with others on our team, because it builds trust, relationships and creativity. We work hard, and we also have fun during our Girls’ Nights Out and team-building trips.

I: Intention

Too many people do what they need to do just to get by in life. Be consistent and live with intention. Have a purpose and allow it to guide you. Sometimes this takes extra strength, commitment and courage, but it always will pay off.

F: Focus

Focus on what you are good at. Put your blinders up and go for it for 90 days. Let go of the negative energy, put everything aside and focus on the question: where do you want to be one year from now?

A friend of mine who is in her 50s wanted to leave her career and become a make-up artist. Others tried to convince her to take a different path. After much thought she decided to follow her passion. Now she owns a successful business and her talents are in high demand, and all because she focused and had faith in herself.

T: Trust

Trust is vital to success. Without trust it is difficult to move ahead. First and foremost, you must be a trust-worthy person to succeed.

Taking a leap of faith into a new venture requires trust – in yourself, in your team and in your product or service.

When I made the decision to join Moms Making Six Figures, I had to trust that I could make the change, but I had to trust the team members and the consumer products company.

During a conference, the president of my company once shared a thought that touched my life and helped me to trust my instincts. He said when you leave your comfort zone you dream more. He encouraged each of us to take two steps away from our comfort zone, because one step is dabbling – but two steps will take you places. And sometimes when you get out of your comfort zone, you realize you weren’t that comfortable in the first place.

Now think about that for a minute. What could you accomplish if you left your comfort zone?

Don’t dabble. Go for it. Do it. Your future is waiting. Just do it and have fun with it!

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