The team concept: Better together than we are apart

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The marketing team concept is not a new one – and this tried and true approach to business has stuck around simply because it works.

Just like any type of team, a marketing team brings different talents to the table. The members have their own strengths to share. Team members offer guidance, support or knowledge to help fellow teammates strengthen their areas of weakness.

Collaboration is the key to success.

Even though a team approach is rooted in a group’s effort, a leader plays a valuable role. Leaders have different styles; some leaders rigidly direct the team, and others facilitate thought and input from all members as they guide the team in the optimal direction.

As a leader, I am most comfortable encouraging everyone on the team to share their ideas and thoughts, as I gently guide the team toward the way forward that makes the most sense considering the given business objective. In my world, someone who leads well, listens well. There can be so much wisdom in what other people think and share. I find that not having a predetermined approach to a business objective creates an environment in which others feel comfortable and encouraged to share and learn from others.

When I present a topic at a marketing meeting, I am completely and intentionally open to different ideas and directions that team members suggest – even though I may have some preliminary thoughts on how we might proceed. I want to hear what others have to say and where they want to go.

Over the years I have found that listening to varying ideas and opinions is powerful. Whether we’re trying to find the optimal language to communicate our message or discussing the validity of a new business strategy, by soliciting and truly considering input from all members of the marketing team we can be confident that our collective decision is the best decision.

Another important component of the team marketing concept is evaluation. The team must evaluate how the systems are working. Part of this process is continuously analyzing the methods being employed and modifying them as needed to provide optimized results.

By the very nature of being in business for ourselves and selling a quality product-line, those involved with Moms Making Six Figures could work on our own; we don’t need to be part of a marketing team.

But we know that the team concept works, because we see the positive results in our sales and business growth month after month, year after year. Those of us who have chosen Moms Making Six Figures also understand that we are better together as a team. We have felt the power of collective, intelligent effort.

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