Helping moms build a business on the ball field


Developing a career and being a present mom is a challenge that many women with a growing family face every day.

I know firsthand that the demands of a family and work are stressful. When I worked in the corporate world, what I found particularly stressful was the guilt that I felt when I had to make excuses to leave the office early – especially on those days that I needed to be at one of my sons’ games or practices.

And when I say “needed” to be there, I mean that literally. My husband’s job required him to travel and my sons played contact sports. Someone always seemed to walk off the field with an injury or needed assistance. As a present parent I needed to be there.

As my boys grew, I decided it was time to find a way to be the mom I wanted to be while having a successful career. I knew the only way I could have flexibility and control of my schedule was to be self-employed.

What product would I sell? Would I miss the support I felt from working with others? How could I be successful?

Then I discovered Moms Making Six Figures, which gave me to the support and tools I needed for success. The mentoring I received allowed me to build my business on the ballfield.

My kids now are young adults making their own career choices, and I am in a place of leadership with Moms Making Six Figures.

During my career I have discovered that there are countless women like me: women who want a career, want the ability to help their spouse and family, want to be able to give back and feel impactful, and want to be able to show their children that they can contribute to the household and still be a very present mother.

Since starting our businesses, many of us at Moms Making Six Figures have achieved success, security and time freedom. We have taken the idea of visualizing our best selves and showing up as that woman.

Now our focus is to help others develop their business. As mentors, we use guide and encourage our peers.

We want to know their “why” and their dreams and goals. We also discuss their availability, their preferences and interests. We ask questions such as: What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? What excites you? What do you need?

Finally, we counsel them to seek a company that is stable and recession proof, is debt free and is held privately.

We also encourage them to look for business partnerships that offer:

· Growth opportunity

· Available market share

· A support team at the corporate level and locally

· An environment that embraces integrity, nurtures goodness and value a solid reputation

One of my go-to inspirational quotes is Magic happens at the intersection of “I believe in myself” and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks!

So – make a plan, trust yourself and go for it.