The power of visualization


Visualization is a powerful tool that can be used in many aspects of our lives.

The concept is centered on the law of attraction, which basically states that if you put positive thoughts and energy out into the universe, positive results will return to you. Similarly, when you have negative thoughts, negative results will come your way.

An example of how the power of visualization works is a study by an exercise psychologist that appeared in “Psychology Today”. The study compared people who went to the gym with those who carried out workouts in their heads. Much to my surprise, the research found that those who went to the gym had a 30 percent increase in muscle mass, and those who carried out mental exercises increased muscle mass by 13.5 percent.

The study proved my point: visualization is effective.

A way to pull together your vision for a project, your life or a specific goal and harness the power of the positive energy you send into the universe is to create a vision board.

How to create a vision board that works

A vision board can be any type of visual. Usually, they’re created on some sort of poster board or frame that displays images that embody your aspirations and dreams for your life.

The key to vision boards is to focus on how you want to feel, rather than solely posting pictures of what you want. Here’s my take on creating a vision board.

1. What do I want?

Our lives are busy. It’s easy to lose sight of goals and get caught up in the hectic day-to-day routine of taking care of our families, working, running errands, making dinner, and repeating it the next day.

Most of us know what we don’t want, but how many of us have identified the details of what we do want? You might have a general idea of the life you want, but it’s time to be a bit more specific.

What does a “better life” look like for you? Is it work–life balance? Is it spending more time with your kids? Do you want to exercise more?

The whole point of this exercise is to give yourself clarity. Before constructing your vision board, ask yourself a few questions:

How do I want to feel? What do I value? What do I want to achieve?

2. Seek Specific Images If your goal is to wake up earlier, look for a picture of the exact time you wish to wake up. Include a picture of a lovely sunrise that will help inspire positive emotions about waking up early. A sunrise photo not only indicates a time of day but evokes a positive emotion with its beauty.

Remember, your vision board should bring clarity and focus to your goals. When you look at it, you should feel good. Select images carefully to inspire warm and fuzzy feelings that will keep you motivated as you work towards your dreams.

3. Include Daily Affirmations Once you can visualize it, you need to believe it.

Inspirational quotes or phrases can help foster this positivity. More often than not there is that little voice in our heads telling us why we can’t – or shouldn’t – achieve our goals. Then those around us also can give us negative advice that works against our positive outlook.

To counteract these negative forces, incorporate inspiring words to keep the positive energy going. If you tell yourself something for long enough, you’ll start to believe it.

Say these phrases out loud every time you look at your board. Use your vision board to silence the negativity and amplify the positivity! Some affirmations might be:

“I am enjoying life!”

“I am a great mother!”

“I have limitless energy!”

“I am worthy of the best that life has to offer!”

4. Can I See It? Your vision board should serve as a constant reminder of your goals.

Hang the board in an open area where you see it every day. Now that you can see it, be intentional about taking the time to read it.

Remind yourself why you made it in the first place – to improve your life!

5. Be flexible

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to vision boards. Do what works for you and adjust your vision board as you see fit and add to it as you come up with new goals.

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