Grace in the light of stress

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Life is incredibly stressful these days, especially for parents who are managing jobs and a family.

I recognize that dads have stepped up during the COVID19 pandemic, but frankly, women are the ones who I see bearing the brunt of family responsibilities.

Kids naturally go to mom for whatever they need…help with schoolwork, finding a lost pair of shoes or fixing a snack. So many moms these days are also now their kids’ primary teacher, setting up “classrooms” at home and keeping their kids on task. And moms are usually in charge of meal planning, shopping and cooking, too. These days, this daily task of feeding their families is causing even more stress because eating out at restaurants happens very infrequently, if at all.

Women who are employed outside of the home have the added stresses of meeting deadlines and commitments. For many moms who are working remotely, dealing with the kids barging into their home offices (aka living room or bedroom!) is an added bonus to meeting those deadlines and commitments. As a result, some women have left their jobs or are considering taking a leave of absence. These moms feel they just cannot adequately teach or care for their children while working from home.

In the long run, moms who sacrifice for their families by leaving their jobs or scaling back their work hours will make less money over the course of a lifetime, which will reduce their retirement and Social Security benefits. The long-term economic impact of the pandemic is real and will be significant.

On a more positive note, there are some great benefits to the current situation. Personally, I am enjoying the extra time I am spending with my two teenage daughters. My older daughter is spending more time cooking, which is fun for her and helpful to me. With activities cancelled and nowhere to go, my family is eating healthier because we have more time to plan family meals. The girls are spending more time reading and finding creative ways to relax. One creative activity the girls have enjoyed is using adult coloring books (not that kind of “adult,” ha ha!). We also have learned how to give each other the space we need to preserve our mental health, too.

These challenging times have taught me that one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to accept the situation and just be at peace with wherever we are. It is more important than ever to be kind to ourselves and others.

Every single day I encourage the women around me to give themselves grace. After all, none of us has been in this type of situation before.

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