Tech Busters massage targets hand pain


Technology has revolutionized how we communicate. We can text someone to let them know we are running late. We can get directions with the touch of a screen. We can email someone living halfway across the world and ask them how they are doing.

But, the heavy use of technology has its downsides too. Our physical health is affected – specifically the repetitive motion affects our hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. Technology requires us to flex and extend the wrists. The neck stiffens. The shoulders tighten up. The upper body muscles become tense.

Because of the shift to larger smart phones and the heavy reliance on laptops, tablets and desktops, there is a higher incidence of pain, numbness and tingling in the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. It is no secret that overuse/repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome are related to the excessive time we spend engaging with technology.

In addition to pain and sensations such as tingling, technology overuse injuries can result in a weakened grip as well.

The good news is that massage targeted at the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders provides relief from overuse and repetitive strain symptoms. Not only does research show that massage offers relief without taking prescription medication or over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, research also suggests that regular massage therapy can improve grip strength.

Massage that targets the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders releases tension as pressure is applied to the areas from the shoulder to the fingers. The pressure and manipulation allow tight muscles, deep knots and kinks to relax.

Often, a full body massage combined with the targeted massage offers great benefits. This benefit occurs partly because the other muscles in the body impact the shoulders and arms. Massage aids such as hot stones, and deeply penetrating topicals, including White Tiger Balm, Blue Emu arthritis cream and CBD oil, all encourage healing and offer relief.

Although massage therapy can help heal the tissues, the results vary depending on the severity of the injury to the tendons and nerves.

Remember, healing takes time. While some people experience relief after one session, typically a minimum of five sessions is required. The best results are achieved when a consistent series of sessions are maintained.

Massage Concepts developed the Tech Busters sessions to target the upper body and hands to offer relief from the side effects of the repetitive movements associated with technology. A variety of Tech Buster sessions that combine hand/arm with neck and shoulder and foot massages are available. These combination sessions offer a deeper level of relaxation and stress relief.

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