The ultimate one-size fits all gift

The Gift of Massage

The gift of a massage just might be the perfect gift.

Whether you need a holiday gift, a special thank you, a birthday present or a congratulatory gift card – massage gives its recipients the feeling of being less stressed, more relaxed and comforted.

Massage Concepts offers 10 different massage modalities, including targeted massage to address specific concerns and aromatherapy, essential oils and enhancements to heighten the benefits of a massage session, too.

The gift of wellness

Looking for a gift idea for your college student child who is stressed out with school or your administrative assistant who has more work than time? The Tech Buster targeted massage works the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders to relieve tension and pain.

The busy crazed mom friend in your life would benefit greatly from aromatherapy with massage, which incorporates scents with a massage such as a deep tissue Swedish massage to relax muscles, reduce headaches and improve sleep. When hot stones are added to a deep tissue massage a deeper level of relaxation is achieved.

Massage that is targeted to the athlete addresses overworked muscles, relaxes ligaments and promotes recovery for the body that is pushed hard physically.

The gift of time

How often have you heard someone say that what they would like most is more time? When you give a gift certificate for massage, you give someone the gift of time. The recipient will have 30-, 60- 90-minutes or more of undivided attention and time. A gift of massage also fits into anyone’s schedule, and it can be used any time they like. Plus, recipients can choose the type of massage that best fits their needs.

The gift of comfort

A good massage relieves tension in the muscles and ligaments and releases toxins. Studies have shown over and over again that massage has positive effects for those living with depression and anxiety, undergoing chemotherapy, recovering from surgery and those managing chronic pain such as headaches.

The gift of health

Massage is a wonderful addition to any wellness plan. Those who are trying to watch their diet and eat healthy will appreciate a gift that is consumable yet not loaded with fat, sugar and carbohydrates. If you have someone in your life who can’t indulge in a typical holiday fashion, a gift certificate for massage is the perfect way to let them indulge.

The gift of self-love

Around the holidays many of us are so busy taking care of others that we do not

take care of ourselves. When you give yourself a massage the opportunity to stop and take care of ourselves, it is a chance for a friend or family member to encourage us to take care of ourselves, too.

Wrapping it up

Massage Concepts offers e-gift cards that can be purchased directly on its website that can be sent via email or traditional gift cards can be purchased on site. A variety of gift cards are available for numerous occasions. To access the e-gifts cards go to For more information or to schedule an appointment visit or call (858) 847-2777.