A Couples Massage is the ultimate in relaxing together

A Couples Massage is the ultimate in relaxing together.

If you have never experienced a couples massage, Valentine’s Day could be a wonderful time to plan this one-on-one experience with someone you hold dear to your heart.

Many different types of caring couples enjoy spending relaxed and intimate time together in the couples room at Massage Concepts, including married couples, life partners, mothers and daughters, sisters or cousins, and best friends. This unique type of session gives you both the opportunity to spend time together in a quiet environment with no interruptions.

During a couples massage session, two people are massaged at the same time in the comfortable couples room but on separate massage tables. Each client is massaged by different massage therapists. Your massage therapists coordinate each massage, so they start and end at the same time.

Not everyone wants the same Swedish or deep tissue massage service that is traditionally offered at many spas for a couples massage. At Massage Concepts, massage therapists are flexible in how clients’ needs are met.

All services offered at the spa can be designed as a couple’s session. Clients can mix and match the following services so that they each receive what their body needs. In addition to Swedish Massage and deep tissue massage, other Full body massage includes prenatal massage, sports massage, Shiatsu therapy, body and foot combination and aromatherapy.

Massage Concepts also offer targeted massage to address specific concerns. There is targeted upper body tension release, tech buster hand, wrist and arm massage for those who spend considerable time with technology, TMJ relief massage and foot reflexology.

Enhancements can be added to most services. These include hot stone for optimizing muscle tension, CBD oil and cream, essential oil exfoliating foot scrub, Tiger Balm, Blue-Emu cream, pure organic coconut oil, organic body scrub, and peppermint/lavender/pink Himalayan sea salt.

The benefits of a couples massage

Bonding is the primary reason clients choose this type of massage, which is known to release what is called the “cuddle chemical” oxytocin. This hormone is released during a massage, leaving participants feeling happy, loved and affectionate. Because of the feeling of increased affection, many couples choose side-by-side massages.

Because massage is as indulgent as champagne or chocolate truffles without the guilt or calories, couples massage offers a healthy alternative to consumable gifts.

Massage is a known stress reducer. The reduction is stress has a positive effect on the heart and mind.

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