Albion BU11 White win 3rd Surf Thanksgiving Cup


Congratulations to the Albion BU11 White team for winning Surf Thanksgiving Cup three years in a row! Coached by Wayne Crowe, the Albion BU11 White team went undefeated the entire tournament, giving up only two goals in six games, and scoring 23 goals. Albion defeated Rebels Gold (8-0), SDSC Navy Elite (8-0), and tied West Coast (0-0), before moving onto the quarterfinals, where they defeated the second-ranked team in Arizona, Scottsdale Soccer (2-0). In the semifinals, Albion BU11 White defeated the DMCV Sharks (2-1) and clinched another championship by defeating the first-ranked team from Nevada, Heat (3-1) in the finals. Pictured, top row (L-R): Ryan Flather, John Paul Molina, Andrew Mitchell, Cameron Brown, Billy Cherres, Keegan Ferreira and Simon Sagal. Bottom row: Kai Walsh, Isaac Powell, Noah Dougher, Evan Rotundo, Jackson Miller, Angel Cortez and Angel Jaimes. Not pictured: Coach Wayne Crowe.