Albion SC BU12 White Team finalist in Surf Cup

Top row: Coach Wayne Crowe. Middle row: Kai Walsh, Simon Sagal, John Paul Molina, Adan Rios, Cameron Brown, Andrew Mitchell, Keegan Ferreira, Ryan Flather, Will Francis. Bottom row: Jackson Parr, Angel Cortez, Noah Dougher, Evan Rotundo, Angel Jaimes, Ames Kinkead, Jackson Miller.

Congratulations to the Albion BU12 White team for making it the finals of Surf Cup. Coached by Wayne Crowe, the Albion BU12 White team played six games in three days in the top flight.

In bracket play, Albion BU12 White team placed first by defeating Real Colorado (3-0), Nomads (1-0), and Sereno Chelsea White from Arizona (7-0).

Albion BU12 defeated Club Tijuana Xolos in the quarter-finals (1-0) and Crossfire from Washington in the semi-finals, before losing to Total Futbol Academy in the finals (0-3).