Little League Championship Saturday a big hit!

DMA Majors Yankees

The Del Mar American and Del Mar National Little Leagues brought their respective division champions together June 2 for a day of competitive baseball and good camaraderie. The event was hosted by Del Mar American Little League at Ashley Falls Park and exemplified the best of what the community is all about. These two local Little Leagues involve over 600 kids playing baseball, making friends and becoming young adults.

This year, Del Mar American was fortunate enough to sweep all three interleague games and retain the Del Mar Cup. The DMA Majors Yankees outlasted the DMN Dodgers 3-2 in 9 innings, the DMA AAA Scrappers defeated the DMN Tin Caps 17-7 and the DMA AA Redwings prevailed over the DMN Emeralds 4-1. All teams had tremendous seasons and should be congratulated for representing their respective leagues so well.

Each league also crowned a home run champion through the widely-attended Home Run Derby with Gavin Strup taking the American League crown and Davis Lee taking the National League crown. Gavin outlasted Davis in the final round to take the overall home run award for both leagues.

DMA AAA Scrappers
DMA AAA Scrappers Courtesy
DMA AA Red Wings
DMA AA Red Wings Courtesy
Home run
Home run champs Davis Lee (NL) and Gavin Strup (AL) Courtesy