TPHS boys varsity soccer team tops at Grossmont Soccer Tournament

TPHS Soccer
Torrey Pines High School boys varsity soccer team
(Bill Bonebrake)

The Torrey Pines High School boys varsity soccer team recently won the 39th Annual Grossmont Soccer Tournament. The team went undefeated and clinched the finals with a 1-0 victory against strong opponents the St Augustine Saints on a goal by Captain Jordan Karam. The team is off to a strong start and looking forward to the rest of their season. 

Pictured: Top row: Coach Angel, Coach Brandon, P Bartlett, S Majewski, T Weinrich, R. Turek, A Piglovski, J Diehl, J Watkins;              Row two: C Wood, L Corbel, P Bonebrake, N Giacalone, N Miller, T Merrifield, Coach Andy;

Row one: M Hall, B Muchnik, JV Woodman, R Sherlock, J Karam, M Tonelli, K Johnson, D Zepeda, S Hegde;                  

Front: A Cruz, G LeRose, D Young, G Cooper (not pictured: A Kravzov, M Castro, S Beals)


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