A fond farewell from Torrey Pines Pop Warner: Thanks for the memories and so much more

Special friendships were made by TPPW players.
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For the last 17 years, Torrey Pines Pop Warner has been dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience to the children of Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Solana Beach and Rancho Santa Fe. We have worked to instill the values of teamwork, responsibility, and integrity into each of our athletes. We take pride in the many accomplishments of our nationally-ranked teams over the years, as well as the athletes, parents and community that made our completely volunteer-run program flourish and thrive. All great things must come to an end, and it is with great sadness and the heaviest of hearts that we announce our time as an association has come to a close.

We would like to thank the dedicated volunteers that selflessly ran our organization over the years. Without your sacrifice, this program and the community built within it would never exist. Thank you to our sponsors for donating to our program and for believing in our mission. Thank you to the incredible coaches that gave their time and talent to the boys and girls of our community. Your leadership and dedication set the standard and changed the lives of so many. Thank you to every team mom, every business manager, every student trainer, and every younger sibling that waited in the end zone to catch field-goal balls and played water boy. Thank you to every board member and committee member. Thank you for the late nights spent planning, organizing, and preparing. Thank you for the long days behind a snack bar table, marching up and down the field with the chain gang, soliciting sponsors, organizing carpools, and everything in-between. Thank you to the parents for cheering loud at every game and competition, for coordinating complex carpool schedules and making sure everyone remembered their shoes, and for fitting this formative childhood experience into your family budget. These details, which seemed so small at the time, were what made TPPW the strong program that it was.

We are so proud of the athletes that were created in this program. We loved watching you explore your curiosity as a little one on a flag team, find your love for the sport in your Junior Pee Wee year, and get serious about your technique during your final season before heading off to high school team tryouts. We hope you have fond memories of half-time orange slices on the sidelines at Ed Burke Field, the crack of helmets clashing against each other before the shrill of the whistle, and the swish of crinkled pom poms glimmering gold under the heat of the blazing August sun. We hope you never forget the heartbreak of a crushing loss or the amount of persistence sapped by a skill you never did quite master. We hope you cherish that standout coach that pushed you to be your best and those teammates that started out as friends, but ended up as family. Many of you went on to play sports in high school, college, and beyond, but every one of you went on to do great things. We hope that the lessons you learned in Pop Warner, on the field and off, will be useful to you as you traverse this resplendent life.

Torrey Pines Pop Warner has been an important part of so many lives and we hope that you will remember your time spent with us warmly. We encourage all of our athletes to continue on their football or cheer journey with one of the many other wonderful programs in our area. Please reach out to your coach if you would like further guidance. If we can leave you with anything, we hope that you will carry on our values of hard work, respect, tradition, community, and the commitment to always doing what is right.

With Love and Our Most Humble Appreciation,

Your Torrey Pines Pop Warner Board of Directors

TPWW Falcons
Torrey Pines Pee Wee Falcons Courtesy