That’s the spirit! TPHS cheerleaders make All American team

TPHS Cheer All American Team 2018

Torrey Pines High School Cheer members attended the National Cheerleaders Association’s summer camp at UCSD from Aug. 3-6. Out of many nominees, the All-American Team was announced. They include (above, l-r): Ashley Cynkin, Jordan Chodorow, Jensin McLachlan (4-time winner), Amanda Yen, Kenna Dugdale and Haley Dinsmore.

The girls were first nominated by their instructors in one of 6 categories: 1) Stunts, 2) Motion technique, 3) Dance, 4) Tumbling, 5) Jumps or 6) Leadership skills. Nominees competed on the last day and were judged on three jumps, a spirited entrance and a camp cheer.