El Camino sinks Torrey Pines Falcon freshmen, 10-0

Movie fans know that Oct. 21, 2015, was “Back to the Future Day,” the date exhibited by the time machine in the famous DeLorean operated by Dr. Brown and Marty McFly. On Oct. 22, it seemed that the offenses for both the Torrey Pines and El Camino squads were left in the distant past.

A defensive struggle reminiscent of dusty gridirons of yesteryear began with three consecutive three-and-outs, two by the Falcons. El Camino’s Wildcats managed the game’s initial first down by either team near the end of the first quarter, while the Torrey Pines chain gang was sedentary until midway through Q2, when Jake Nelson broke a 20-yard sweep into El Camino territory. Quarterback Miles Hastings then audibled into a deep pass play down the right sideline to Tucker Drawdy. But after nice runs on consecutive plays by Michael Stearns, Jason Heine, and Nelson, the Falcon Flux Capacitor died out on two incompletions, a holding penalty, and a blocked field goal attempt from 41 yards out.

The Falcon defense did its best Biff Tannen impression to keep the game scoreless as long as it could. A sack by Eric Misak and interceptions by Heine and Stearns stopped Wildcat drives before halftime. Linebacker Justin Vilchis anchored the middle with 10 tackles on the evening.

But the Wildcat offense mounted a 13-play, six-minute drive after the second-half kickoff, culminating in a 25-yard field goal for the first points of the game with just over three minutes left in the third quarter.

Marty McFly’s band played “The Power of Love” in the movie. At best, that tune could be applied satirically to a football audience that loves crisp offense and points piling up on the scoreboard. This game ended unhappily for the Falcons when El Camino used a 12-play, six-minute touchdown drive to ice the game in the fourth quarter.

The 4-4 Falcons now look to boost the DeLorean speedometer closer to 88 mph in the upcoming home game vs. Mt. Carmel.