Records fall in bunches at prep swimming championships

Logan Noguchi of Torrey Pines heads for a section record in the 200-yard individual medley.
Logan Noguchi of Torrey Pines heads for a section record in the 200-yard individual medley.
(Denis Poroy/For The U-T)

Torrey Pines sophomore Logan Noguchi shines


Torrey Pines High sophomore Logan Noguchi got out of the pool, leaned over and took some deep breaths. He had just set his second San Diego Section record in this year’s championships.

“It hurts good,” said Noguchi, mustering a smile at the Division I meet Saturday, May 7, at Granite Hills High. “It really hurts good.”

Noguchi (1:48.57) first broke the 200-yard individual medley record (1:48.88) set last year by San Marcos’ Aiden Simpson.

Then, in recording a repeat title, Noguchi (48.36) surpassed the 100 backstroke mark (48.94) set in 2013 by Bishop’s Tom Anderson while improving by more than a second from last year (50.08).

“It’s all amazing,” said Noguchi, who moved to the 200 IM based on his showings outside prep swimming after placing second in the 200 freestyle a year ago. “It’s good to see my hard work pay off. I particularly improved my tempo.”

The meet also produced records by Bishop’s senior Lucas Brown (20.02) setting the 50 free mark in D-II and Eastlake senior Emily Lundgren (1:00.16) breaking her own girls 100 breaststroke standard in D-I.

Brown surpassed the mark (20.15) established last year by Classical’s Mateo Parker. Right behind Parker then was Brown (20.21), who also surpassed the previous record (20.48).

“Absolutely, ever since last year, I’ve said that I’ve got to get it this year,” Brown said. “Mateo and I have been friends for years, so it was awesome to race him last year. Now to get the record, I’m super excited.”

Brown (44.65) also won the 100 free crown, approaching the record (44.48), after placing third last year.

Lundgren bettered her own girls 100 breaststroke mark from last year (1:00.96) while moving close to cracking the one-minute milestone with the state meet Friday and Saturday.

Earlier, in claiming a three-peat title in the 200 IM (2:03.46), Lundgren suffered a rip in her swimsuit, requiring a different one for the 100 breast.

“So getting my mindset right again was part of it because of that,” Lundgren said. “I wanted to get to 59 (seconds), but I still have the state meet and my whole college career.”

Canyon Crest junior Andrew Ko, who set the boys 100 breast record (54.96) in the prelims, was off from that time to the D-I finals but still prevailed (55:35) by more than two seconds.

Carlsbad senior Dylan Mes stepped up from third last year to win the 200 free (1:39.80) and then added a repeat title in the 500 free (4:28.77), improving by four seconds from last year with a strong finish.

Twin wins were also recorded in a breakthrough debut by San Marcos freshman Cassidy Allison, who won the girls 100 butterfly (55.59) and 100 backstroke (57.28).

“I’m very excited,” Allison said. “I didn’t really have any expectations. I just went out and swam, and I did really good.”

Allison helped San Marcos win the D-I girls team title, snapping an 11-year title reign by Torrey Pines, which finished fourth.

La Jolla sophomore Arielle Brotman recorded double repeat titles in D-II by winning the girls 200 IM (2:01.17) and the 100 breast (1:03.22).

Along with a repeat girls 500 free title (4:47.36) University City junior Kathryn Hazle added a 200 free title (1:49.54). In the City Conference finals a week ago, she set the 200 IM record (1:59.63).

Also recording double wins were La Costa Canyon senior Aiden Benjamin in the boys 200 free (1:39.31) and 500 free (4:32.57), Sage Creak junior Keirlyn Mullica in the girls 100 butterfly (56.11) and 100 back (56.16), and Bishop’s senior Grayson Davis in the boys 100 fly (48.67) and 100 back (49.37).

The Torrey Pines boys won their seventh straight D-I crown. University City repeated as the D-II girls champion, and Cathedral Catholic claimed the D-II boys title.

Thien is a freelance writer.



Division I Finals

At Granite Hills


200 MR: Eastlake (Naval, Lundgren, Aranza), Lora) 1:47.37, Del Norte 1:48.07, Granite Hills 1:51.80.

200 Free: Baldwin (Esc) 1:53.72, Putnam SM) 1:54.45., Hull (Hel) 1:55.98.

200 IM: Lundgren (East) 2:03.46, Munch (Val) 2:07.97, Cercero (SM) 2:10.45.

50 Free: Aranza (East) 24.12, Hardin (BV) 24.16, Yang TP) 24.17.

100 Fly: Allison (SM) 55.59, Hill (Oly) 57.16, Kluge (GH) 57.95.

100 Free: Hardin (BV) 52.23, Munch (Val) 52.85, Yang (TP) 53.16.

500 Free: Garcia-Hale (Hel) 5:00.74, Putnam (SM) 5:04.38, Smith (SDgto)5:07.24.

200 FR: Del Norte (Wong, Byrne, Partirdge, Luu)) 1:40.32., Canyon Crest 1:40.38, Granite Hills 1:40.96.

100 Back: Allison (SM) 57.28, Dang (SP) 57.68, Luu (DN) 57.77.

100 Breast: Lundgren (East) 1:00.16 (breaks own record 1:00.96 set in 2021), Hernandez (Pow) 1:03.83, Constantino (Oly) 1:06.98.

400 FR: Eastlake (Aranza, Naval, Lora, Lundgren) 3:34.32, San Marcos 3:36.21, Canyon Crest 3:38.47.

Diving (Friday): Polidori (TP) 247.40, Alstad (Val) 222.55, Kudo (SM0 210.80.

Team scores: San Marcos 288, Eastlake 233, Del Norte 215, Torrey Pines 179, Canyon Crest 178.


200 MR: Canyon Crest (Jaynat, Ko, Park, Chauvapun) 1:33.85, Torrey Pines 1:37.26 Del Norte 1:37.45.

200 Free: Mes (Carl) 1:39.80, Purcell (TP) 1:40.13, Felio (GH) 1:42.31.

200 IM: Noguchi (TPL) 1:48.51 (breaks record 1:48,88, set in 2021 by Simpson (SM), Brooker (Carl) 1:52.27, Yessengeldy (CCrest) 1:54.10.

50 Free: Chu (DN) 21.14, Bushnell (Fall) 21.24, Chauvapun (CCrest) 21.34.

100 Fly: Johnson (East) 49.94, Li (TP) 50.59, Chu (DN) 50.97.

100 Free: Chauvapun (CCrest) 46.09, Purcell (TP) 46.13, Bushnell (Fall) 46.54.

500 Free: Mes (Carl) 4:28.97, Rousseau (DN) 4:30.77, Hughes (East) 4:34.76.

200 FR: Torrey Pines (Purcell, Lozano, Li, Noguchi) 1:24.95, Canyon Crest 1:26.60, Fallbrook 1:27.03.

100 Back: Noguchi (TP) 48.36 (breaks record 48.94 set in 2013 by Anderson (Bis), Brooker (Carl) 51.44, Gutierrez 52,32.

100 Breast: Ko (CCrest) 55.35, Yeager (TP) 57.98, Yessengeldy (CCrest)) 58.33. 58.63..

400 FR: Torrey Pines (Li, Purcell, Zettle, Noguchi) 3:05.34, Carlsbad 3:11.86, Fallbrook 3:12.23.

Diving (Friday): Shin (SM) 247.45, Liddle (Pow) 245.7-0, Hall (GH) 230.30.

Team scores: Torrey Pines 372, Canyon Crest 304, San Marcos 201, Del Norte 185, Carlsbad 185.

Division II Finals

At Granite Hills


200 MR: University City (Hazle, Jarvis, Hanaki, Dudley) 1:49.58, Mt. Carmel 1:51.36, Bishop’s 1:51.59.

200 Free: Hazle (UC) 1:47.48, Divis (PL) 1:54.72, Dunphy (LCC) 1:54.83.

200 IM: Brotman (LJ) 2:01.17, Chavez-Varela (MD) 2:03.13, Schmidt (SFC) 2:07.64.

50 Free: Rowe (MC) 23.95, Delaney (LCC) 24.11, Rose (LJCD) 24.15.

100 Fly: Mullica (SgCrk) 56.11, Hammes (OLP) 57.29, Alonso (MC) 57.55.

100 Free: Delaney (LCC) 51.55, Rowe (MC) 53.03, Dudley (UC)(53.53.

500 Free: Hazle (UC) 4:47.36, Chavez-Varela (MD) 4:56.03, Divis (PL) 5:01.15.

200 FR: La Jolla (Brotman, Hou, DiMeo, Hazuka)1:39.16, La Costa Canyon 1:41.11, La Jolla Country Day 1:42.12.

100 Back: Mullica (SgCrk) 56.16, Alonso (MC) 56.41, Arnas (Cor) 58.48.

100 Breast: Brotman (LJ) 1:03.22, Steinmeir (Bis) 1:05.96, Schmidt (LJCD) 1:07.22.

400 FR: University City (Hanaki, Dudley, Jarvis, Hazle) 3:32.99, La Jolla 3:38.70, Sage Creek 3:39.18.

Diving (Friday): Krawczyk (Cath) 254.45, Hedges (MC) 163.60, Rose (ElCap) 153.40.

Team scores: University City 299.50, La Costa Canyon 198.50, Cathedral Catholic 198, Mt. Carmel 193, La Jolla 172.


200 MR: Bishop’s (Davies, Bolitho, Lightner, Brown) 1:33.48, Cathedral Catholic 1:34.19, La Jolla Country Day 1:34.83.

200 Free: Benjamin (LCC) 1:39.31, Ryan (Cath) 1:42.03, Zhou (LJCD) 1:43.14.

200 IM: Colombo (Chr) 1:53.685, Yang (LJCD) 1:55.81, Warma (LJ) 1:55.86.

50 Free: Brown (Bis) 20.02 (breaks record 20.15 set in 2021 by Parker (Class), DiMaria (Class) 20.86, Mullen (Chr) 20.96.

100 Fly: Davies (Bis) 48.67, Ryan (Cath) 49.33, Zhou (LJCD) 49.33,

100 Free: Brown (Bis) 44.65, DiMaria (Class) 46.03, Zhou (LJCD) 46.59.

500 Free: Benjamin LCC) 4:32.57, Krebs (LJ) 4:48.38, Walker (Chr) 4:54.27.

200 FR: Christian (Colombo, Walker, Damata, Mullen) 1:25.11, La Jolla Country Day 1:25.71, La Jolla 1:28.57.

100 Back: Davies (Bis) 49.37, Manuel (Braw) 51.86, Lathrop (Class) 52.39.

100 Breast: Lundh (Cath) 57.10, Mullen (Chr) 57.91, Yang (LJCD) 58.44.

400 FR: Bishop’s (Fraley, Lightner, Davies, Brown) 3:11.76, Cathedral Catholic 3:07.98, La Jolla 3:12.58.

Diving (Friday): Nieto (MD) 269.55, Clark (Ram) 220.50, Hood (PR) 216.15.

Team scores: Cathedral Catholic 332.50, La Jolla 256, Bishop’s 250, La Jolla Country Day 176.50, Christian 173.