Pacific Trails seventh grade volleyball team wins Big 8 Championship

The champion Pacific Trails Middle School seventh graders.
(Sabrina Lopez)

The Pacific Trails Middle School seventh grade volleyball team captured the Big 8 Championship on Nov. 10.

Big 8 teams are a part of the Coastal Conference, a collaboration of the five North County San Diego Boys and Girls Clubs coming together to create a competitive league that is similar to what the athletes will experience at the high school level.

The Wolves headed into the playoffs as the fourth seed. On Nov. 8, they beat Oak Crest Middle School to advance to finals. In the final match, they took on the favored top-seeded Earl Warren Middle School and beat them in three games to take the Big 8 Championship Title.

The team includes Melody Aghsani, Clare Berg, Emelia Crawford, Samantha Hofflich, Sophia Kavanagh, Alena Kolesnikova, Sherilyn Li, Mia Lopez, Ava Pargal, Ari Robinson, Avery Sykes, Katelyn Tom and Jessica Sun. The team is coached by Erik Papke.

The Pacific Trails eighth graders finished as runner-ups in the Big 8 Championships on Nov. 10