AutoMatters & More: Lexus 2018 Driving Tour

AutoMatters & More: Lexus 2018 Driving Tour

Our invitation read: “Test-drive the first-ever 2018 LS 500, 2018 LC 500 and several Lexus hybrids and SUVs at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. This is an exclusive event where you and a select few will get to be some of the first to experience the new era of Lexus performance, craftsmanship, hospitality and active safety technologies for yourselves, on thrilling driving courses you won’t find anywhere else.”

Pre-registration was required and the number of attendees was limited.

At the entrance to the stadium, bordered by two gigantic red baseball caps, several Lexus concept cars were arranged in a semi-circle.

Lexus Safety System Jan Wagner

The check-in area...