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AutoMatters & More: The State of Formula 1 & 'Cars 3'

AutoMatters & More: The State of Formula 1 & 'Cars 3'

The State of Formula 1

There has been a fundamental change in Formula 1 auto racing. After decades at its helm, former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is out as Chief Executive, and Liberty Media has taken over ownership.

For decades Ecclestone, a former race team owner who is now in his late 80s, had been instrumental in molding and shaping Formula 1 into what had become arguably the world’s preeminent auto racing series. While there can be little doubt about the technological superiority of Formula 1, competitiveness waned and the drivers were kept at too great a distance from their fans. The popularity of F1 suffered.

Now Ecclestone is little more than a...